30 Broadleaf Avenue, Whitby, ON, L1R 0B5

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Reservations are for a maximum 90 minutes and during busy periods the tables are communal. Have a question? Call us at 905-425-1920

Prefer Take Out? Come on in to shop the shelves to pick up pottery to paint at home or Check out our online store HERE and place your order for in-studio pick up or delivery in 72 hours. Drop in any time to pick-up your creations. No appointment is needed for take out.

Please Note: Our system will optimize to fill a table, so if your group size does not use up all seats available, the remaining spots will be open to another group and will result in you sharing a table with other painters. If you are not comfortable sitting with others please contact us to book directly at 905-425-1920. 

If you don’t see a spot available online, please call us on 905-425-1920 for availability in the party room. There is no extra charge to sit in the party room.