Franchise FAQs

What exactly is a franchise?

A franchise is a business relationship between the owner of a trademark and system (the Franchisor) and an individual wishing to use that identification in operating a business (the Franchisee). The franchisee invests in the business model and uses its developed brand, operating systems, training and support.  The franchisor and franchisee share a vested interest in success and work together for business growth.

What are the benefits of being a Crock A Doodle franchisee?

As a Crock A Doodle franchisee you have the freedom of having your own business without the fear and stress associated with going it alone. You can rely on the backing of a strong brand and a dedicated support structure.  You will be part of a team of franchisees all committed to building their businesses. With active support and ongoing feedback, you’ll have guidance and encouragement at every stage of your business development.

What training will I get?

You will be trained in all aspects of the Franchise Operation during two separate training sessions. Training will include Product Knowledge and Pottery Painting Techniques, Kiln Production, Marketing and Business Development, Administration, and Staff Training and Development. You will receive in-depth training in Store Operations, Point of Sales System, Staffing and Support both during initial and on-site training sessions. Our Doodle U learning management system will be a valuable resource for you to train your staff team and ensure they deliver on our brand promise.

Do I need to be creative?
Crock A Doodle is ‘fun art’ not ‘fine art’.  You don’t need to be an artist – you just need to enjoy the creative process and have the enthusiasm to help others enjoy it as well!  You’ll receive hands-on training with pottery-painting techniques and on-going tips, techniques and videos to help you keep your customers doodling away.

How do I find the right location?

Selecting the right retail site is vital to your business success.  We will assist in site selection and highlight the key elements of a strong location. We will recommend you work with our Commercial Broker who can search, assess and negotiate on your behalf. ..but your knowledge of your local community is key!

What hours will I need to work?

As a franchisee you have to be prepared to work retail hours as a hands-on owner-operator.  But rest assured our retail hours are family friendly…no late nights or early mornings. Like every business – the more time and effort you put into the more you’ll get out of it.  So be prepared to work hard!

Is a kiln safe? Will I be able to operate it?

A kiln is an extremely safe unit and is surprisingly simple to operate.  You will be fully trained on the kiln operation and quickly learn to appreciate its stringent safety characteristics.

How do I market the business in my community?

Crock A Doodle has developed a centralized marketing strategy to guide franchisees marketing efforts.  You will get support in studio launch activities, CRM, local promotion, digital marketing and SEO, event marketing, studio and community programming.  Our goal is to help you to attract and retain very happy customers…people who will talk about your studio and be excited to return.

Where do I order product and supplies?

Your initial product inventory is included in your start up package.  You will order additional bisque product and supplies through Crock A Doodle head office as needed. The franchisee’s ongoing use of Crock A Doodle branding, systems and support are all funded through this product pricing strategy instead of a franchise royalty. For this reason, franchisees purchase product and supplies exclusively through Crock A Doodle Inc

What skill sets have contributed the most to the success of a franchise?

A strong customer service orientation is most important to help you build and nurture lasting customer relationships. Effective self-management and a proven work ethic are necessary to ensure that you stay focused and in command of your business. Good financial discipline is key to managing the business and cash flow demands, and staying focused on the key drivers of profitability. A love of creativity and passion for the Crock A Doodle concept also make a difference, generating natural excitement around your business.

How much money will I make?

In many ways that’s up to you! While we cannot legally make earning projections, we can help you understand the income and expenses associated with a franchise operation once you are in the Discovery period.  Strong financial performance comes from effective business development, using the many tools and resource to grow your business with multiple customer segments. In addition to drawing an income from your business, you also want to consider the value you are building. The aim of your investment is to build a business you can one day sell.  Your efforts, along with growing value in the Crock A Doodle brand, will help create a business you can potentially re-sell with a solid return on your investment.

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