Franchise Investment

Crock A Doodle Franchise Investment

Crock A Doodle requires a total franchise investment of approximately $85,000 – $145,000 for a standard new studio, including working capital.  In order to qualify, franchise candidates must confirm that they have access to the required funds.

Breakdown of Required Funds:

$20,000 cash on hand

$50,000+ in unencumbered funds

$30,000+ in business loan, line of credit and/or Canadian Small Business Loan (if above funds fall short)

Why do I have to have 50% of my own money to invest in the business?

Although the total cost of the studio start-up may be available to an applicant by way of a bank loan, Crock A Doodle prefers that only half of the cost of the start-up be borrowed so that the candidate does not enter the business with an unreasonable debt load. Experience has proven that unreasonable debt loads are detrimental to the success of the franchise.

Note: The capital investment required to set up a Crock A Doodle studio varies by location, landlord design criteria and contractor pricing in each area. Leaseholder improvements may vary considerably, depending on the previous state of the premises. Because of this, there is no guarantee that your costs will fall within the range shown. This is meant solely as a guideline. Details of your initial costs can be found in your Franchisee Disclosure Document (Canada).  All applicable taxes, if any, are in addition to the above identified amounts.

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