Discovery Process

Crock A Doodle Franchise Discovery Process

Your path to exploring the opportunity and becoming a Crock A Doodle franchise owner follows a clear discovery process, with no pressure and no surprises along the way.

We don’t “sell” franchises, we “award them” to qualified people who we feel will be successful in bringing the Crock A Doodle brand to life in their communities. This process is about sharing information to help you make an informed business decision. Just as you’re careful about exploring the opportunity, we are careful about selecting the best candidates. Let’s see if that’s you!

Step 1: Think About it

If you’ve been considering starting your own business for some time and think that Crock A Doodle might be what you’ve been searching for, we invite you to explore the opportunity. Spend some time on our website at or better yet visit a studio and see our brand in action. Do some serious reflection on what you are looking for and how you will define success.

Step 2: Franchise Information Request

After you’ve done some serious thinking about your goals and motivations and are keen to find out more, we ask that you submit an Online Franchise Information Request.  This tells us a little bit about who you are and what you are looking for in an opportunity, your market of interest, your timelines and plan for financing the investment.

Step 3:  Get to know you Call

Once you’ve submitted a Franchise Information Request we will schedule an initial phone call to discuss your background, motivation and interest in Crock A Doodle. This Get to know You Call helps us determine if there is an initial fit between you and our brand, and if we feel our program can deliver on your desires and expectations. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask us any burning questions.

Step 4: Franchise Application

After learning more about each other through our initial conversation, your next step will be to submit a Franchise Application. At this stage you will be providing more detailed information about yourself and your financials that will allow us to continue the process and then share more detailed information on our business model.

Step 5: Discovery Meeting

Once we have reviewed and approved your application we will schedule a Discovery Meeting at our Head office studio in Brantford, Ontario (where geography permits). We will give you a tour of our studio, introduce you to our Head Office team and share the vision and values behind our brand.

We will ask more about your personal and business objectives, your timelines, and local market opportunities.   We want to learn more about you and your vision for bringing Crock A Doodle in your community.

We’ll take you through the Crock A Doodle Franchise Opportunity Presentation to share more about our brand and what makes our franchise program successful.  You’ll learn about our background and team, our brand and marketing strategy, our operational systems, training and support. We’ll answer your questions and help determine if this opportunity is a fit.

Step 6: Disclosure Document Review

Every franchise company must provide a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in compliance with franchise law.  During the Discovery Meeting, and after we have qualified you as a candidate, we will present the Disclosure Package to you.  This includes a sample franchise agreement, business plan template and list of franchisees. The disclosure period marks a time to review the franchise opportunity seriously, research your market and do your business planning. We will be available to answer questions along the way.

Step 7: Get Independent Advice

During the disclosure period you are encouraged to seek independent guidance from your advisors, lawyer and accountant, and confirm that financing is in place to pursue the investment.  This due diligence is an important part of making an informed business decision and understanding the commitments of the franchise relationship.

Step 8: Talk with Our Franchisees

At this point you are encouraged to speak further with other Crock A Doodle studio franchisees. This is an exciting and valuable step in the process to learn more about a day in the life of a studio owner. You will learn how our team of franchisees are building their businesses, what opportunities and challenges they have faced.  After all, each one of them were once involved in the same discovery process.

Step 9: Decide if this is for you!

Now that you’ve done your due diligence and gathered all of this information, it is time to decide if you would like join our team as a Crock A Doodle franchisee.  This is a decision to be made with your head AND your heart!  Your heart knows what life you are meant to live….it takes a clear mind to really listen to it!

Step 10: Sign Franchise Agreement

Once you have made an informed decision to become a Crock A Doodle franchisee and we have determined you are a good fit for our program, the final step is to execute the Franchise Agreement and award you a Crock A Doodle franchise.  From here we will plan your orientation, schedule your training dates and get you ready for action in your own Crock A Doodle studio!  If a location isn’t immediately available, we will execute a Deposit Agreement to demonstrate our commitment to working together to find the right location.

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