Past Event

Teacher Convention- Day off!

Thursday February 16

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Looking for a fun way to spend your PD day with friends or the family? Make a reservation at Crock A Doodle and see what fun and new pieces we have!

We will be open 11am until 6pm for painting. We have 7 tables in the front studio, so if you know the time you would like to arrive please call ahead OR contact via the form to request a reservation HERE so we can help to ensure we have a spot for you! Walk-in painters will be accommodated if possible, based upon the reservations in our calendar already.

All sessions are limited to approximately 90 minutes of painting in order to allow others to paint if required AND to help us to keep a basic schedule for our front studio so everyone who would like to paint gets a chance.

Want some painting fun at home on your PD day? Check out our link for kits-to-go

This is a past event.