Wedding Fever

Jul 27, 2016

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Summertime can hold quite a bit of celebration between holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. In particular, anniversary gatherings with families and weddings are a major part of people’s summers. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to get the couple celebrating an anniversary or the newlywed couple whose wedding you are attending. You may be wanting to get them something incredibly unique and special but can’t quite seem to put your finger on what it is exactly you want to do. Not to worry – your friends here at Crock A Doodle have just the solutions for you!

We have a variety of different pottery pieces that would work perfectly for either an anniversary gift or a wedding gift! Our coupe plates are perfect for different types of ideas when it comes to creating the perfect memory for the special couple in your life! For an anniversary gift, you can make a tree with family members by adding their fingerprint under their name and/or relation to the couple. If you find there are too many family members to track down or put on the plate, a simple “Happy 25th anniversary” with a beautiful design will do! Simplicity is sometimes the best way to go, so don’t worry too much if you find yourself a bit nervous to create a piece of art! As for a newlywed couple, you can also do the family tree as well, connecting both the families together!  If you are in the wedding party and want to do something more wedding party specific, you can always get the plate size of our coupe platter or even the rectangular platter. The ideas and possibilities are endless!

Crock A Doodle Weddings

If you’re ever feeling stuck, we have plenty of ideas at your local studio. Don’t be afraid to stop by and see what can be done, especially if you’re feeling a little nervous. We are always glad to help! You can also always check out our pieces that were featured in this post here and all of our other pieces! Below are some more different ideas made by some of our awesome painters!

Wedding Crock A Doodle