Teacher Gift Ideas

Jun 9, 2021

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What a crazy school year this has been! Now more than ever, we want to thank all of the teachers for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.  They way that they have continued to support students is amazing, and we want to say a BIG thank you! 

Finding the perfect teacher gift can be challenging – but Crock a Doodle can help! At Crock A Doodle, we have fantastic teacher gift ideas for your A+ teachers.  

Paint something to show them how much of a difference they have made in the lives of your children.  Recognize their contribution with adorable handprint or fingerprint designs.

Let them enjoy some peaceful “self care” time with their own kit to paint at home.  They can spend some quiet time being creative, time alone and away from a screen.  Gift a take home kit that includes a pottery piece, brushes, and paint! Everything they need to paint their own masterpiece at home.  There are a wide variety of options for Take Home Kits.  Mugs, plates, planters, and vases are just a few of the options available! 

Another great option, especially if you won’t be seeing your teacher, is to send them an Crock A Doodle e-gift card! Email them a creative experience, and let them choose their own piece to paint! Many teachers have families too, so a Crock A Doodle gift card is a great option for them to have a colourful time with their family.  To purchase an e-gift card, click here. 

To find a studio near you (and find some great Take Home Options), click here. 

Need some inspiration of what you can create? Click here for our Idea Gallery.  

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