Doodle on the Go!

Jul 7, 2015

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Date: June 24th, 2015

Author: Crock A Doodle

Are you going to the cottage and unsure of what to do with your family once you get to there? Do you need plenty of time to paint your masterpiece? Do you feel more comfortable getting creative in your own surroundings? You can enjoy the fun of Crock A Doodle anytime, anyplace with our handy Doodle to Go take-home kit! Doodle on the Go all summer long!

doodle on the go

Our Doodle To Go Kits have everything you need to paint at home, at the cottage or camping. Getting your kit is easy – pop into the studio to pick your pieces and paint colours, and we will send you on your way with brushes, palettes and a sponge. And if you’ve never painted in the studio before, don’t worry, the kit comes with some tips for how to paint your masterpiece!


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