Dad’s Day Gifts

Jun 3, 2021

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Father’s Day is coming up, and Crock A Doodle is here to help with Dad’s Day gifts! No matter what Dad (or Grandpa) is into, we can help you create the perfect, personalized gift.  It’s a colourful, creative way to spoil those fatherly men in your life! 

Little feet create little masterpieces – capture those foot (or hand) prints.  There are lots of ideas for turning sweet feet into fun things Dad might like.  We have seen so many fun designs from hand and foot prints! Animals, vehicles, sports, music notes and instruments, and more. The possibilities are endless….and if you need help just ask us! We are happy to help you turn prints into a perfect Dad’s Day gift 

Dads, Uncles, and Grandpas are always moved by pieces painted by their favourite people.  Paint a masterpiece just for him, on a piece that’s fun or functional. Maybe Dad needs a new mug to have on his Zoom calls.  Perhaps a fancy beer stein to go with his craft beer. Another fun option is a piggy bank to put money towards a hobby! Or, paint the perfect piece to add to his garden. No matter what you choose, a Dad’s Day gift painted by family is something that can be treasured for years to come.  


Another great option is to gift Dad with fun family time.  Experience presents are a great way to give the gift of great memories. With Crock A Doodle not only can you enjoy some quality time together, while also exploring your creative side. There are lots of colourful projects to create as a family….we suggest Family Portraits or a Family Cookie Jar. It’s a gift for Dad, but fun for everyone! Pottery painting really is something that everyone can do…and everyone should! 

Find a great Dad’s Day gift by connecting with a studio near you. Click here to find out about locations for our studios across Canada. 

Check out different techniques and get inspired for creating your Dad’s Day gifts by visiting our Youtube channel here. 

We have lots of great idea starters available – click here to check them out. Or, check out some ideas in our Idea Gallery by clicking here.