Christmas In July

Jul 8, 2021

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It’s beginning to look a lot like … Christmas in July! This is always such a fun time at Crock A Doodle, as we get to celebrate the fun of the festive season a little early.  Who doesn’t need a little extra Christmas fun this year?  

Traditional Christmas Trees are always a Christmas in July favourite. It’s one of those pieces that feels nostalgic to our customers.  The Traditional trees remind people of their Grandma.  Of Christmas’ past.  Of warmth, of families, of love. These trees are a sentimental piece and so we are always thrilled to bring them back in July! 



Another fun Christmas piece that we love is our Animated Tree.  These are, as the name suggests, a little more cartoony.  Over the years we have seen some amazing designs on these trees.  Their animated style may not wax nostalgia like the Traditional ones, but they sure are fun! In fact, we have even seen Halloween themed trees too! 

Especially popular the last few years have been our Christmas Trucks with Trees.  The signature red truck with the Christmas tree really signifies the holiday season for many.  As a result, most studios will be able to offer this piece during Christmas in July.  And although the red truck is most common, we have seen such a variety.  Customers love to make the truck look like their own, and so we have seen them in every possible colour! Some get painted with snow, some not, some are muddy, some are clean.  No matter how they are painted, we love seeing these ones come back out of the kiln! 

We would be amiss to talk about Christmas in July without mentioning our Gnome Tree.  This guy has been creating a lot of conversation. It’s an adorable, fun piece that merges the Traditional Tree with a sweet little Gnome! 

All of these pieces actually light up too! They come with the hardware, light, and light bulbs. Once lit up these pieces really take on a special festive glow.

While the light up pieces have really become the signature pieces for our Christmas in July, there are also other seasonal options in studios.  Christmas ornaments are always available for painting.  Starting so early can let painters take lots of time to create personal, special, handmade gifts that are unique for the recipient.  

There are lots of options available, but we suggest connecting with a studio near you to get details on what’s available.  Find a studio closest to you by clicking here.  

Looking for ideas on ways to paint gifts that aren’t Christmas specific? Check out our Youtube channel for technique videos and inspiration by clicking here.  You can also check us out on Facebook for more inspiration by clicking here.