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To maintain physical distancing guidelines and to streamline traffic flow in studio, reservation start times may need to be staggered depending on the size of the group arriving and other studio bookings. Due to limited seating and in an effort to keep our onsite number of patrons safe, we wish to welcome active painters only.

Reservations that are greater than 10 minutes late are deemed cancelled. All appointments will be a maximum length of 90 minutes in order to accommodate everyone. Those that don’t finish in that time will be given a small kit to finish projects at home.

PLEASE NOTE: submitting the reservation request form DOES NOT guarantee your spot(s). Last reservation time is 2 hours prior to closing. Please wait for an email from the studio to confirm your date/time. You can also call us at (204) 488-7665.

Take-Home kits are still available, if you’d prefer to paint at home!
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Reservation Request

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