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Paint Pottery at Home with FREE Delivery in Markham

Cost is only for the pottery piece(s) you choose for your Kit.  Kits are no additional cost and include paints, brushes and professional glazing/kiln-firing.  The kit is returned with your painted pieces.

Step 1: Browse the majority of our pottery line here: https://crockadoodle.com/pottery-pieces/ or take a look at our current shelf selection on Instagram or Facebook: Search “Crock A Doodle Unionville”. Make a list of the piece(s) you’d like enclosed in your kit.

Step 2: Choose your colours from the colour wheels pictured below. There is no limit, just choose what you need per piece. Write those colour names down.

Step 3:   CALL in your order & payment info.  Tel: 905-940-5670.  We accept Visa or MasterCard over the phone or we’ll give you a total for E-transfer (EMT).

We’ll deliver your order within 24 hours. Paint at home for as long as you like and drop-off your kit to have your masterpieces professionally kiln-fired – instructions enclosed in kit.

Have questions? Give us a call at 905-940-5670 or e-mail us at unionville@crockadoodle.com

No in-studio painting available at this time.   FREE Delivery option only.