Mobile App FAQ’s

Q: How does the Crock A Doodle Rewards Program work?
A: For every dollar you spend on ready to paint pottery pieces at Crock A Doodle (excluding discounted purchases) you receive 5% back in Doodle Dollars. Whenever you have over $10 you can redeem them in store just like cash. To earn your Doodle Dollars, you must have a customer record with a valid email address, as well as our mobile APP. Birthday parties receive 1/2-point value on birthday pottery pieces since they receive a free handprint piece. Reward points are studio specific, and as such can only be redeemed at the studio in which they were earned.

Q: How do I sign up? Is there a fee to join the Crock A Doodle Rewards Program?
A: You can download the Crock A Doodle APP in the App Store or Google Marketplace. The Crock A Doodle Rewards Program is completely free! We just require a valid email in studio for you to have our mobile app.

Q: Do I get partial Doodle Dollars?
A: Yes. For example, if your purchase is $25.00, you get $1.25 in Doodle Dollars. Tax is not included when issuing Doodle Dollars. Doodle Dollars are given on your actual purchase amount before sales tax.

Q: I made a purchase before I registered for the Crock A Doodle Rewards Program. Can I get Doodle Dollars for a past purchase?
A: Doodle Dollars may only be earned at the time of transaction. However, Doodle Dollars were turned on at your local studio on September 15th 2016. So if you had a valid email address on file before this you will have started collecting points as of that date.

Q: Do my Doodle Dollars expire?
A: Doodle Dollars for points earned on purchases will expire after 2 years of no purchase or redemption activity.

Q: What can I buy with my Crock A Doodle Doodle Dollars?
A: You can use your Crock A Doodle Doodle Dollars to buy any product at Crock A Doodle. Crock A Doodle Doodle Dollar redemptions cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.

Q: Do I get Doodle Dollars for gift cards?
A: You will get Doodle Dollars for purchasing items and paying for them with a gift card. You will not get Doodle Dollars for purchasing gift cards.

Q: What benefits do I get if I sign up for the Crock A Doodle Rewards Program
A: By registering the Crock A Doodle Rewards Program you will get the following benefits:
You immediately start earning 5% in Doodle dollars for every dollar spent at Crock A Doodle on ready to paint pottery pieces (excluding Group Bookings) Exclusive email offers and discounts such as free items, double points, and more!

Q: How do I check my balance?
A: By visiting your local studio or by logging into the APP – your Doodle dollar balance will be on the main screen. All Doodle Dollar activity gets updated nightly, so there may be a slight delay in your most recent purchase. If you are having troubles viewing your points, open the app while on WiFi to get the most updated version. You will see a purple bar across the top that reads “downloading…”, once this changes to “extracting…” close the app down completely and then re-open it.

Q: Can I get the APP after I’ve registered in studio?
A: Yes, as long as the email you used in studio matched the one you signed up with on the APP, your Doodle Dollars will be there.

Q: I got a new email address, how can I update my account?
A: You can update your email anytime in the Settings portion of the APP. Please make sure to let your local studio know of the change so that we can ensure your account is still linked to the APP.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about my Doodle Dollars?
A: We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message.

Q: When will I receive exclusive offers, discounts, & information?
A: You will receive emails up to twice per month.

Q: Why am I not receiving emails?
A: Please check your spam or junk mail folder as you may have accidentally opted out of receiving communications from us. Depending on your email provider, you may be asked to add us as a safe sender.

Q: How do I stop getting emails?
A: If you decide for whatever reason to no longer receive Crock A Doodle’s emails, just press unsubscribe on the most recent email you received from us.