How to Videos

Abstract Organic

  1. Using a pencil, lightly draw a triangle, circle, rectangle, and squiggly line on your piece. Place them anywhere you like being sure to overlap some of the corners.
  2. Paint in the large shape sections using Pumpkin Pie, Rockin’ Red, Orange Crush and Jumpin’ Juniper – paint 2-3 layers of paint.
  3. Paint in the overlapped sections using What A Yolk, Coffee n’ Cream, Boppin’ Blue and Rockin’ Red – paint 2-3 layers of paint.
  4. Using a liner brush and black lab, outline all pencil lines. Add dots, dashes, and squiggles to each overlap section.  Add seven black dots using your finger.
  5. Proudly sign your name in pencil on the back of your piece – we will trace the pencil back at the studio with our handy Funwriters.