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Pottery Painting To Go Pre Order Here

Crock A Doodle is pleased to offer several creative options for pottery painting at home. Pick the pottery piece you want, and paint anytime, anywhere. Pricing is all-inclusive of glazing and kiln-firing, to transform your painted piece to a bright, shiny, food-safe finish.

includes choice of (1) Party Animal, 4 mini colours, 3 brushes
  • Dog, Cat, Shark, Chick, Fox, Princess, Hedgehog, Ballet Slippers, Pug, Seahorse, Race Car, Narwhal, Peacock, Rabbit, Mermaid, Poop Emoji, Sea Turtle, Unicorn, Gnome
Includes choice of featured project, paints, brushes and Step by Step instruction sheet. Price is based on 11" Round Coupe Plate.
  • Project Selections (Choose 1): King of the Grill, Normal Family, Simple Daisy, Hydrangea, Family Handprints, Positivity Plate, Messy Butterfly, Cabbage Roses
  • Pottery Choice: Serving Bowl, Organic Ware Platter
If you would like to create the design on a larger platter or bowl, please contact us to discuss options or view them here:
Check out our line up of summer pottery painting projects for kids to paint at home! Each Fun Pack contains 2 pottery pieces (as shown), paints & brushes, an easy to follow How-To technique sheet, plus a few extra surprises! Pick your favourite, or pick a few! 
includes choice of any two items below, up to 6 small colours, 4 brushes
  • BOWLS - Tilt A Bowl, Hand Thrown Bowl, Splatter Bowl, Heart Bowl, Tall Cereal Bowl, Biggie Bowl
  • MUGS - Jumbo Mug, Biggie Mug, Vita Mug, Lodge Mug, Hand Thrown Mug, Owl Mug, Emoji Mug, Dunk Mug
  • PIGGY BANKS - Pig, Princess, Dolphin, Fox, Penguin, Monsta, Shark, Soccer ball, Hockey Puck, Fish, Race Car, Sloth, Llama
  • BOXES - Round, Heart, Cupcake, Ice Cream, Bunny
  • PLAQUES - Dream, Love, Home, Butterfly
  • KIDS FAVES - Standing Unicorn, Fairy Moon, Cat Sitting or Standing, Dog Sitting or Standing, Owl Lantern, Snake, Fighter Jet, Standing Horse
  • HOME - Flare Plate Small, Square Rim Small, Frog Scrubbie, Small Frame, Mason Jar Lantern, Creamer, Spoon Rest, Shark Scrubbie, Swoop Plate Small, Small Flower Pot, Spoon Rest, Tea Cup and Saucer
includes choice of any (4) items below, up to 8 small colours and brushes
  • Combo 1:  Choice of any 4:  Handi Plate, Ice Cream Bowl, Cereal Bowl, Cupcake Mug, Cupcake Plate, Cocoa Mug
  • Combo 2:  Choice of any 5: Ramekin, Mini Plate, Mini Mug, Mini Bowl, Tumbler, or 8″ Tile
  • Combo 3:  Choice of any 3:  Monster Truck Bank, Fire Truck Bank, Train Bank 
  • Combo 4:  Choice of 2:  Large Mason Lantern, Bucket with handle 
  • Combo 5:  4 Espresso cups and saucers
  • Combo 6:  Choice of any 4:  Cat Pudgy Bank, Elephant Pudgy Bank, Owl Pudgy Bank, Penguin Pudgy Bank
  • Combo 7:  Daddy's Day Snack Attack:  Snack Bowl Large & 2 Ice Cream Bowls
  • Combo 8:  Garden Decor Combo:  Fairy Moon, Butterfly Plaque and 2 Party Animals
  • Combo 9:  Pet Combo:  Pet Dish Medium and Cookie Jar Large
  • Combo 10:  Kitchen Combo:  Spoon Rest, Butter Dish, Shark or Frog Scrubby
  • Combo 11:  Planters:  4 Prism Planters
  • Combo 12 - Spring Family Combo (Family Word Plaque + Vase Pear Shaped + Flower Pot Small) 
  • Combo 13 - Wine Cooler and 2 Stemless Wine Goblets 
Check out our line up of pottery pieces here: Custom Doodle to Go kits require a minimum $25 in pottery. These can be ordered via phone: 905-476-0999 or email:

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