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Crock A Doodle is pleased to offer several creative options for pottery painting at home. Pick the pottery piece you want, and paint anytime, anywhere. Pricing is all-inclusive of glazing and kiln-firing, to transform your painted piece to a bright, shiny, food-safe finish. All kits include brushes, sponge and paint pots – you keep all the supplies.

Choose from Regular Funstrokes (solid colours) or Fleckles (these have little bits in them that explode in the kiln to give a “speckled” appearance).

includes choice of (1) Party Animal, 1 Main Colour & up to 3 Accent Colours
  • Hedgehog, Dog, Pug, Cat, Unicorn, Owl, Dolphin, Llama, Bird, Dragon, Octopus, Poop Emoji, Peacock, Mermaid, Princess, Sloth, Flamingo, or Shark

Includes choice of featured project, paints, brushes and Step by Step instruction sheet. Price based on Serving Bowl, Swoop Plate, Flare Platter, Square Rim Plate, Rectangular Rim Platter.  Specify pottery selection below.
  • Project Selections (Choose 1): King of the Grill, Normal Family, Simple Daisy, Hydrangea, Family Handprints, Positivity Plate, Messy Butterfly, Cabbage Roses,
If you would like to create the design on a larger platter or bowl, please contact us to discuss options or view them here:
Check out our line up of summer pottery painting projects for kids to paint at home! Each Fun Pack contains 2 pottery pieces (1 x plate/bowl/mug and a choice of Party Animal), paints & brushes, and an easy to follow How-To technique sheet. Pick your favourite, or pick a few! 
Includes choice of any two items below, 2 Main Colours and up to 4 Accent Colours
  • BOWLS – Tall Cereal Bowl, Egg Bowl, Splatter Bowl
  • MUGS – 20 oz, Latte, Vita, Teacup/Saucer, I Heart Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa, Biggie, Jumbo, Travel, Lodge, Teacup/Saucer, Narwhal, Beaded Handle, Mermaid, Dunk
  • PIGGY BANKS – Pig, Princess, Shark, Penguin, Fox, Soccer Ball, Textured Dog
  • BOXES – Round, Cupcake, Ice Cream, Tank, Cross, Heart
  • PLAQUES – Dream, Love
  • KIDS FAVES – Standing Unicorn, Cat Standing, Cat Sitting, Dog Standing, Dog Sitting, Fighter Jet
  • HOME: Swoop Plate, Spoon Rest, Shark Scrubbie, Vase (Pear Shaped), Mason Jar Lantern (small)

Includes choice of any (4) items below, + choice of up to 6 Colours

  • Family Combo: Family Word Plaque + Vase Pear Shaped + Flower Pot Small
  • Planter Combo: choose any 4: elephant, whale, honeycomb planters or bud vase
  • Garden Décor Combo: 2 x Medium Star Jar Lanterns + 1 x Small Star Jar Lantern
  • Kitchen Combo: Spoon Rest + Butter Dish + Shark Scrubby Holder
  • COMBO 1 – Choice of any 4: Handi Plate, Cereal Bowl, Cocoa Mug, Ice Cream Bowl, Cupcake Plate
  • COMBO 2 – Choice of any 5: Ramekin, Mini Mug, Tumbler

Have you been to the studio/ seen something online? We’re happy to customize a kit with anything you’d like to paint!

Custom Doodle to Go kits may be ordered via email: or drop in to select your pottery and colours.