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Browse through some of our most popular pottery pieces to purchase online to paint at home.

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(Same Day Pick Up available if ordered within the first two hours of the studio hours: If ordered within 2 hours of closing, please call the studio to confirm order has been received)

You’ll have everything you need to transform these ready-to-paint pottery pieces into your own amazing works of art. Return your painted piece(s) to us to be professionally glazed and kiln-fired to a brilliant food-safe finish. (This process is included in the price)

* If you are paying by e-Gift Card or Etransfer please email us your order to [email protected] Physical Gift-Cards will be accepted for in-studio purchases only.

How to order?

  1. Select your items from the different kits below
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Curbside Pick-Up

  • After you place your order staff will contact you when your order is ready

Local Deliveries

  • We deliver in Port Hope and the city of Cobourg (if you live outside of town of Port Hope and city limits of Cobourg,  please email with your details prior to ordering).
  • Orders are delivered with email confirmation of an estimated delivery date.
  • Currently not available

When to Drop Off for Kiln Firing

  • Please check Facebook for the most current and up to date studio hours. We accept items to be kiln fired during these times.
  • Please remember to return your brushes and paint pots; the paint will be salvaged and then cleaned and disinfected for the next guest.
  • We recommend wrapping your pottery pieces in newspaper to avoid the pieces from rubbing and transferring paints onto each other.


Our Take-Home Kits are complete with assorted paints and brushes – use a paper plate as your palette. Return your kits & painted pottery to the studio for kiln-firing. Please specify your desired paint colours as re-deliveries of colours is not an option.

includes choice of (1) of the following options (including brushes & up to 4 paints):
  • Animals: Peacock, Dog, Cat, Pug, Owl, Hedgehog, Fox, Sloth, Llama
  • Sea Creatures: Seahorse, Sea Turtle, Dolphin, Narwhal, Shark
  • Other: Princess, Unicorn, Dragon, Mermaid, Ballet slippers, Race car, Poop Emoji
  • Household: Shot Glass, Tumbler, 3 bisquies (choice of: butterfly, dragonfly, funky flower), Turtle Pot Hugger, Ramekin, Cupcake Plate, Cupcake Mug, Handi Plate, Cocoa Mug, Cereal Bowl, Ice Cream Bowl, Kids mini mug, 8-inch tile (hot plate/trivet), pencil cup
Includes choice of featured project, paints, brushes and Step by Step instruction sheet.
  • Project Selections (Choose 1): King of the Grill, Normal Family, Simple Daisy, Hydrangea, Family Handprints, Positivity Plate, Messy Butterfly, Cabbage Roses
  • Pottery Choice: Coupe Charger Platter, Serving Bowl, Organic Ware Platter, 2 Handi Plates, Large Square Rim Plate, Large Swoop Plate
If you would like to create the design on a larger platter or bowl, please contact us to discuss options or view them here:
Check out our line up of summer pottery painting projects for kids to paint at home! Each Fun Pack contains 2 pottery pieces (as shown), paints & brushes, an easy to follow How-To technique sheet, plus a few extra surprises! Pick your favourite, or pick a few! 
Includes a choice of any two (2) of the following (including brushes and 8 paints):
  • BOWLS: Cereal Bowl, Cereal Bowl Tall, Biggie Bowl, Handthrown, Splatter Bowl, Tilt-A-Bowl, Holey Bowly
  • KITCHEN: Spoon Rest Regular, Small Creamer Pitcher, Owl Plate
  • MUGS: 20 oz Mug, Jumbo Mug, Latte Mug, Lodge Mug, Hand Thrown Mug, Tea Cup and Saucer, Dunk Mug, Vita Mug, Biggie Mug, Stemless Wine Glass, Wine Goblet, Owl Mug, Emoji Heart Eye Mug, Travel mug with Handle, Travel mug without handle (TRAVEL MUG LIDS WILL COME AFTER IT IS KILN FIRED)
  • PIGGY BANKS: Pudgy Elephant, Pudgy Penguin, Pudgy Owl, Piggy Bank, Cupcake, Monster, Princess, Llama, Sloth, Hockey Puck, Narwhal, Poop Emoji, (YOUR PIGGY BANK WILL GET A STOPPER AFTER IT IS KILN FIRED)
  • BOXES: Flat Round, Flat Heart, Flat Daisy, Cupcake, Ice Cream Cone
  • PLAQUES: Dance (word), Dream (word), Live (word)
  • KIDS FAVES: Unicorn Standing, Fairy Moon, Cat Sitting, Dog Sitting, Cat standing, Dog Standing
  • VASES: Pear Shaped, Bud Shaped, Whale Planter, Mason Jar Small, Prism Planter
Includes the choice of any of the items below (including brushes and paint):
  • Combo 1:  DISHES (pick any four [4]): Handi Plate, Cocoa Mug, Cupcake Mug, Cupcake Plate, Mini Mug, Egg Bowl, Egg Plate
  • Combo 2: Teapot and 2 Cocoa Mugs
  • Combo 3: Snack Bowl Large + 2 Cereal Bowls
  • Combo 4: Wine Cooler + 2 Wine Glass Stemless
  • Combo 5: Cookie Jar + 2 Mini Plates
Check out our line up of pottery pieces here: Custom Doodle to Go kits require a minimum $25 in pottery. These can be ordered via email: [email protected] *An additional $3-$5 will be added per piece to cover the cost of the doodle to go kits.