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*Pricing is all-inclusive of glazing and kiln-firing, to transform your painted piece to a bright, shiny, food-safe finish.

All packages include paints and brushes.
Paint your GNOME AT HOME event! One for $65 or both Mr and Mrs Gnome for $120 ($10 savings). Pre-order NOW, receive mid-August. Limited quantities are available! Hurry this offer deadline is Aug 12.

$65 Packages:

  • GNOME OPTION (A): Includes one (1) Mr Gnome or one (1) Mrs Gnome

$120 Packages (save $10):

  • GNOME OPTION (B): Save $10 for both Mrs and Mr Gnomes
$25 Take Home Kit Includes a choice of one (1) of the following (including brushes and paint):
  • ANIMALS: Dog, Cat, Unicorn, Fox, Pug, Lion, Giraffe, Chick, Chihuahua, Rubber Duck, Snail, Dragon, Cow, Pig
  • SEA CREATURES: Dolphin, Sea Turtle, Mermaid, Narwhale
  • OTHER: Snowman
  • HOUSEHOLD: Light Switch Plate Cover, Shot Glass, Kids Mug, Ramekin Dish, 8-inch Tile (hot plate), Mini dessert/ kids Plate, Sushi Sauce Dish, Small Cereal Bowl, Ice Cream Bowl, Rain Drop Mini Vase
 Includes choice of featured pottery piece, paints, brushes and Step by Step instruction sheet
  • Projects: Messy Butterfly, Lavender, Gerbera Daisy, Simple Daisy, Cabbage Roses, Tulips, Hydrangea, Spring Birch
  • Pottery Choice: Square Platter, Snack Bowl, Large Round Platter, Juice Pitcher, Veggie & Dip Serving Dish, Vase/ Wine Cooler, Teapot, 3-Circle Bowl OR Cheese Paddle
Check out our line up of summer pottery painting projects for kids to paint at home! Each Fun Pack contains 2 pottery pieces (plate & animal of your choice), paints & brushes, an easy to follow How-To technique sheet, plus a few extra surprises! Pick your favourite, or pick a few! 
  $35 Take Home Kit Includes a choice of any two (2) of the following (including brushes and paint):
  • BOWLS: Handthrown, Tall Bowl, Cereal Bowl, Tall Cereal Bowl, Tilt A Bowl, Splatter Bowl
  • KITCHEN: Spoon Rest Regular, Spoon Rest Pineapple, Creamer Pitcher, Sugar Dish, Owl Plate, Heart Plate with Rim, Wine Glass with Stem, Stemless Wineglass, Set of two [2] Shot Glasses 
  • HOUSEHOLD: Tooth Brush Holder, Makeup Brush or Pencil Holder (rectangle), Pet Dish, Wax Burner, Prism Planter, Tilt A Bowl Planter, Small Succulent Dish Planter, Travelling Gnome
  • MUGS: I love Grandma Mug, I love Grandpa Mug, I Love You Mug, Owl Mug, Latte Mug, Espresso Mug with Saucer, Cupcake Mug, Handthrown Mug, Travel Mug with lid, 20 oz Mug, Shamrock Mug, Beer Steins, Round Lodge Mug, Tall Mug, Mug with Message Plaque
  • PIGGY BANKS: Pig, Cupcake, Princess, Hockey Puck, Fox, Robot, Shark, Train, Pudgy Round Owl, Pudgy Round Cat, Sloth, Soccer Ball
  • TRINKET BOXES: Ice Cream Cone, Flat Round, Flat Heart, Cupcake, Dino Egg, Treasure Chest, Heart Sac 
  • PLAQUES: Dance (word), Peace (word), Butterfly (mould of a butterfly), Live
  • DISH SCRUBBY HOLDERS: Frog, Shark, Whale
  • KIDS FAVES: Unicorn, Fairy Moon, Standing Cat, Standing Dog, Sitting Dog, My Little Pony, Fairy on a Unicorn, 
Christmas pottery - Crock A Doodle Bowmanville

Need a reason to celebrate? How about Christmas in the Summer!

Pre-order your Light-Up Christmas Tree, Truck with Tree, Wreath or Station Wagon.

Orders will be shipped to our studio within 3 weeks

Limited quantities are available! Order NOW!

$85 + tax

incl. pottery, paint, lamp, lights... everything you’ll need to paint a festive masterpiece in the comfort of your own home.

Includes the choice of any of the items below (including brushes and paint):
  • DISH COMBO (pick any four [4]): Handi Plate, Bowl, Ice Cream Bowl, Cupcake Mug, Cupcake Plate, 8-inch tile (hot plate), Shot Glass, Ramekin Dish, Mini/ Individual Dip Bowl, Cocoa Mug
  • PET COMBO: Pet Bowl & Treat Jar 
  • KITCHEN COMBO: Spoon Rest, Frog/ Whale OR Shark Scrubby Holder
  • PATIO COMBO: Rectangle Rim Platter & Iced Tea Pitcher
  • SPRING COMBO: Garden Fairy, Gnome, Mini Droplet Vase & Prism Planter
  • WINE COMBO: Cheese board and two [2] Stemless Wineglasses
  • SERVING COMBO: Large Round Serving Platter and Large Serving Bowl
  • SNACK COMBO: Large Snack Bowl and two [2] Smaller Bowls
  • SUSHI SET: Mug, Flare Rectangle Platter Plate, Flare Rectangle Dish, Sauce Dish
  • NEW BABY COMBO: Piggy Bank, Rubber Duck, 1st Christmas Print Ornament, 1st Print Plate
  • CHRISTMAS COMBO (A): Light Up Tree and Reindeer Cookie Plate
  • CHRISTMAS COMBO (B): Light Up Tree, Snowman Figurine, Flat Angel Tree Ornament
  • KIDS BIRTHDAY (GIRL): Unicorn Biggy Bank and Unicorn Lantern
  • KIDS BIRTHDAY (BOY): Dino Bank and Dino Egg Trinket Box
  • MOMS BIRTHDAY: Medium Flower Pot, Photo Frame and Tall Mug
  • DADS BIRTHDAY: Large Pick up Truck and Square Rim Grilling Platter 
Check out our line up of pottery pieces here: Custom Doodle to Go kits require a minimum $25 in pottery. These can be ordered via email:
Don't forget to pick your colours with your order!

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