Virtual Team Builders

May 14, 2020

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Working from home has become common for many workplaces during the last few months. We are seeing across Canada many offices that have adapted to an at-home work environment to follow social distancing guidelines, and to accommodate staff who have their children at home. It has been a real shift for many, but as a country we are showing how flexible and resourceful we are. Now that working from home has become the “new norm” Crock A Doodle is offering fun new ways to do a virtual team builder for your work-from-home team.  This is a great way to increase staff moral and have some fun as a team while you are practicing social distancing.  Virtually, groups can paint together and create their own hand-painted pottery pieces – one-of-a-kind art they can use and treasure for years.

There is no better time to acknowledge your team’s hard work and dedication.  So, if you are looking for unique virtual team builders or a morale booster for your staff, we would love to help you out!
Looking for more information about Virtual Team Builders? Find and connect to your local studio here.  To check out general information about Team Building with Crock A Doodle visit here or learn more here.