Teal Pumpkin Frenzy

Oct 20, 2016

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Halloween is an exciting time of year for little ones because they know on that one special night, they are going to go out and collect a bunch of candy that they’ll get to eat as a treat every once in a while. In the past few years, food allergies have been a serious hot topic when it comes to discussing trick-or-treaters. Food allergies are becoming more frequent and severe which means many children are left out of being able to go out on Halloween. One way to make your home food allergy safe for children with severe allergies, is to put a teal pumpkin as a decoration in front of your home.

If you haven’t heard of this movement, it is an initiative that was launched back in 2014 through inspiration by Food Allergy Committee of East Tennessee and run by the Food Allergy Research and Education organization. The teal pumpkin decoration at your house allows parents of children with severe allergies to know that you are giving children with allergies something that they can take home that night and enjoy. On the site, they suggest giving out glow sticks, little toys or food allergy friendly foods. You can read further details here on their webpage.

At Crock A Doodle, we have a jack-o-lantern that’s perfect for your halloween night decoration with just the perfect colour, too! It is a fun, Halloween project that’ll be of great use for years to come! You can paint the jack-o-lantern all teal, or go crazy and paint the inside a different colour!

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