Summer Inspiration

Jun 30, 2021

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The hot summer weather is here, and it’s the perfect time to paint your own creative summer pieces.  Summer inspiration is all around us, and Crock A Doodle is here to help you paint on the patio, at the cottage or trailer, outside or inside! Pottery painting can be done anytime, anywhere!

Plus, pottery painting is a fun summer activity to enjoy with friends and family.  It’s creative, colourful, and can be enjoyed by painters of all ages and abilities!  Some studios are currently able to offer patio painting, or in studio painting! Check out what’s happening at a studio near you by clicking here

Feeling the heat? Take some reprieve from the warm weather and enjoy a chill activity with the family.  We have tons of fun family projects to create together OR let everyone paint their own piece to create a set of dishes, mugs, or bowls.  Pottery painting with Crock A Doodle can be done inside worry free because the clean up is super easy! All paint is water based and non toxic – it washes away with just water! 

There are lots of colourful summer pieces to inspire you – check out some of our seasonal favourites! Many of these come with step by step instruction sheets, and some have tutorial videos as well! 

Feeling beachy? Check out these fun sandy favourites! 

Have your own summer inspiration or creative idea? We would LOVE to help you create your own masterpiece! Find a local studio by clicking here.  

Check out our Facebook page for more inspiration all summer long! Click here to find us on Facebook and please make sure to link and follow.