Spring Painting with Crock A Doodle

Mar 10, 2021

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Spring is in the air, and spring is on the shelves! 

It feels like Spring inside of Crock A Doodle these days! Our shelves are full of spring things to paint….bunnies, chicks, planters, platters and eggs! Easter Egg painting is always a ton of fun, but with Crock A Doodle you can keep those eggs to enjoy year after year! 


It’s a well loved tradition for many of our families to paint Easter Eggs at Crock A Doodle annually. Each year they pull out the eggs done over the years and can treasure the memories of Easter mornings, of the pitter pattering of little feet searching throughout the house, and of spending time painting together as a family. We are so honoured to be a part of these sweet spring memories! 


Last year, many of the eggs had to be painted at home.  Subsequently, we have been seeing eggs all year long, trickling in each week, and making us wish for Spring.  But now it’s officially here – the season of the Easter Egg! It’s an egg-citing time – a colourful time – a fun time.

Eggs can be painted in so many creative ways! We’ve seen dotted eggs, speckled eggs, striped eggs, rolled eggs.  There have been Face eggs, Minion eggs, Emoji eggs, Dino eggs, Sports eggs.   The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!!

If you are thinking of trying out some Easter painting fun (and there are so many options!) then you can find a local studio by clicking here.  

Need some inspiration? Check out our Youtube channel for fun, quick how-to videos by clicking here.