Smile Tiles

Oct 7, 2020

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Crock A Doodle is thrilled to introduce Smile Tiles as a fun way to raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Together you and your group can paint and play to create hand-painted positivity tiles and spread some love and kindness for those who need it most. We are so happy to be apart of this amazing program! This is how it works:

First, contact your local Crock A Doodle studio and arrange for your Smile Tile kits.  The kits are $10 each, and include everything you need to paint a positive message (including 3 colours, 3 brushes, and your tile!). Smile Tile Kits can be picked up in studio or can be ordered online. To find a studio near you, click here.

Next, paint the tile with your own one-of-a-kind design and message.  The possibilities are endless! Will you create something bright and sunny? Or maybe use an inspirational quote? A silly saying to inspire a laugh? No matter what you paint, the message should be supportive – hang in there, it will get better, someone loves you.

After you are finished, return your tile to your local studio.  We will glaze and kiln fire it to a shiny, durable, forever finish.  Then you can spread love and kindness with your finished Smile Tile.  You can do this by making a special delivery to someone you know, decorating your neighborhood, or keeping and displaying it for all to see!

Not only are these messages of positivity going to create smiles, but they are also raising funds for Canadian Mental Health Association.  Two dollars from every tile will be donated back to our local branch and our community.  Canadian Mental Health provides mental health services and education and works to positively impact those who have been affected by mental illness. They are a great community agency, and resource, and we are thrilled to help support them in their important work! Want to find out more about CMHA? Click here

Help us to create more smiles here, there, and everywhere!
Need some inspiration for painting your smile tile? Click here to visit our Youtube channel!