Planning a Holiday Party

Oct 25, 2018

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Are you Planning a Holiday Party?   It’s that time of year again, when you open your inbox to see your workplace team event is going to be…..BOWLING!! (not that there’s anything wrong with bowling).  You eyeball the rest of your co-workers and give the ‘nod’ that a tactical intervention needs to happen.  A bunch of you scurry into a breakout room with your morning java.

The room is busy and everyone begins to brainstorm on something that is low-pressure, gender neutral and doesn’t require you to be stressed by “whose team you might be on”….then one of your co-workers screams   “Paint night”.

Teambuilding events don’t have to be normal!!  Get your employees talking, laughing and having  fun in the ultimate team-building activity.  With Crock A Doodle, your group can paint and play to create their own hand-painted pottery pieces – one-of-a-kind art they can use and treasure for years to come. Big or small, we do it all. For every season and any reason.  We can help customize an experience that’s right for your group.

Invite Crock A Doodle Paint your own Pottery to your next gathering for pottery painting fun!  Planning a Holiday party in the workplace? Grab a Doodle To Go Kit for your next event… our kits have everything you need to paint up special, personalized pieces.  A unique and creative activity, creating pottery pieces and memories to last forever…one-of-a-kind art they can use and treasure for years to come.