Painting the Winter Blues

Feb 17, 2021

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This winter has been proving to be “blue” for many. At Crock A Doodle we have been experiencing the winter blues…. in a good way by painting them! We’ve been painting and playing  to turn our winter blues into something wintery and beautiful, and we suggest you do the same! 

There’s a lot of things we can choose to be blue about this year, many of us are experiencing fatigue and exhaustion. This has been a hard year….a really hard year.  We want to encourage you to take some time for yourself and paint your blues away.  Paint because it promotes positive mental health.  Paint because it decreases anxiety, or because it’s fun!  Paint because it’s a way to turn your winter blues into some beautiful works of art!   

Winter blues typically mean something negative.  However, the cool blues associated with winter are truly inspiring.  A clear blue sky after a snowfall can be breathtaking. Experiencing the blue hue of a light snowfall in early evening can be romantic! Tobogganing on an overcast day can be filled with laughter! Watching the snowfall while you cozily paint inside? Sounds like the perfect day to us! 

Take some time for you, and choose a fun project to paint with those winter blues! To find a studio near you, please click here.
To check out some fun techniques, check out our Youtube Channel here

If you are struggling with the real winter blues, check out some resources from our friends at Canadian Mental Health Association by clicking here.