Keeping kids creative, the importance of art as fun

Jun 21, 2024

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Keeping kids creative, the importance of art as fun

Fun activities that spark your child’s creativity and mind have become even more necessary in a world full of screens and digital distractions. Pottery painting at Crock A Doodle is an adventure that encourages self-expression and creates a lifelong love for art. At Crock A Doodle, we know no limitation to the imagination. Your child can pick a pottery piece from the vast selection of pottery we provide, from dragon banks to fairy lanterns. Then they can create colourful palettes with paints as vibrant as the sun and as mellow as the earth. Crock A Doodle has unique paints that support your child’s imagination such as Funstrokes & Fleckles. Register for a Kids Night Out or Studio Special Event- we have something special on the calendar every month. Paint after school, on weekends, PA Days or during the summer holidays! Crock A Doodle also provides instructional Kids’ classes where children are taught
painting techniques and essential skills such as spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination.

Painting pottery will teach your child to slow down, be patient and delight in the joy of creation. Crock A Doodle can facilitate groups of all sizes, big or small, so celebrate your child’s next birthday with Crock A Doodle where they can get away from a screen and engage their young minds in an imaginative and fun environment. Crock A Doodle has school programs that provide hands-on creative classroom activities that include a class’s lesson plan and teach
students that learning can be fun. Reserve a table in the studio or paint anywhere, anytime with a Doodle To Go kit. By the end of your child’s experience at Crock A Doodle, they will have a beautiful piece of pottery that will be professionally glazed and kiln-fired. This pottery piece will become a souvenir of when your child first embarked on their creative journey