Halloween Hand and Foot Prints

Oct 14, 2020

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Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!  It’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s time to start thinking about cute and festive ways to capture those baby hand and foot prints.   Luckily, we have tons of adorable Halloween handprint and footprint ideas!

If you are looking for something traditional, try a bat, spider or black cat.

Love those spooky monsters? Frankenstein, Witches, and Ghost are super easy for even the littlest feet!

Feeling brave? Why not capture that tiny baby bum print with a pumpkin themed print?

Hand and Foot prints are always a favourite of ours…who wouldn’t want a little snuggle time? Unfortunately, right now we are needing to be a little more hands off, but don’t worry! We are still here to help capture even the tiniest hands and feet.

First, a few tips! Always use a darker paint colour for best results, on a plain, lighter background. For Halloween, this is easy, many things will be black (or dark green!).  However, white on a black background (like a ghost) works well too! Next, remember that our paint is water based, so if you make a little “oops” simple wash it off and start again!

If you are wanting to try getting those prints at home, here are some helpful “how to” steps (or watch our how to vide on Youtube by clicking here)!

Footprint How To:    

  1. Paint the sole of the foot first.
  2. Paint baby’s toes, avoiding between the toes and sole. Make sure to get the tips of the toes.
  3. Stamp the foot on starting from the heel up to the toes, giving the toes a firm press. This may take another helping hand depending on the size of the foot.
  4. Lift the foot straight off the piece to avoid any smudging.

Handprint How To:   

  1. Encourage little painters to open their hand big like they are giving a high five.
  2. Using a large brush, generously paint on the paint starting with the palm and moving outward onto each finger. Make sure to paint the tips of the fingers.
  3. Next, have them give the pottery a high five, but keeping very still.
  4. Be sure to press firmly onto the palm and each finger.
  5. Lift the hand straight up to avoid and smudging.

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Happy painting, and happy haunting!