Family Projects to Create Together

Aug 20, 2020

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Summertime is family time…a season meant for making memories!  Gather your gang for some family projets – pottery painting style!  Family time should be fun, relaxing, colourful, and we can help with that!

Many plans for this summer have been rearranged or postponed.  It’s forced us to look more in our own backyard for stay-cation destinations and adventures.  But no matter where we go or what we do, it’s really about the time spent and memories made.  At Crock A Doodle we are always here to help families create memories together and have a special keepsake that can be treasured for years to come. Now we have Family Projects to help!


Want to giggle? Try Family Portraits…it’s a silly and fun project to do with family members of every age.  Every portrait has a section completed by each family member and gives a (sometimes abstract) depiction of your family in this moment in time. This family project is guaranteed to make everyone laugh out loud!

Looking for something to bring colour to your everyday life? We suggest create a cookie jar and letting your imaginations run wild with yummy cookie flavours.  “Decorate” cookies that you will truly be able to enjoy for a lifetime.  S’mores? Rainbow? Triple Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles? The possibilities, and the fun, will be endless with this delicious family project. Make sure everyone’s favourite are included!

Love family movie or game nights? Why not create a totally unique and fun set of popcorn snack bowls? Incorporate everyone’s favourite snack foods, names, and colours into their own personalised dish.  This project incorporates some easy techniques that are perfect for family members with even the littlest hands!

Have an older crew? Why not try a technique project, creating your own masterpieces side by side? A united theme, but everyone will end up with completely different works of art! The best part? Our easy techniques will bring the artist out in everyone! Plus, art is known to decrease anxiety, stress and depression, and increase self confidence and well being! It’s a colourful, and healthy, family project!

These are just a few of the many projects we have available! Not only are these ideas fun, but they can be done anywhere! So whether your staycation is poolside, at the cottage, camping out in the backyard, or visiting grandparents, you can be sure to add some fun by adding a Crock A Doodle Family Project!

Interested in finding a project for your family? Click here to find a studio near you!
Want some inspiration? Visit our Youtube channel for technique videos by clicking here.