Family Day Painting

Feb 11, 2021

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Family painting with Crock A Doodle is the perfect activity for Family Day! It’s for all ages! It’s for all abilities! It’s colourful! It’s creative! Did I mention it’s available curbside? 

After almost a year of being in close quarters with the fam jam, you may be struggling to think of something fun and exciting to do with them. It’s been close quarters for a while now, but with Family Day coming up, it’s a great opportunity to find an activity to do together.  Something that can keep everyone engaged, doesn’t involve any screen time, and can be done in the safety of your own home. Crock A Doodle to the rescue!

Looking for a family project? We have got you covered with Portrait Painting.  This is such a fun activity for any family! Pass the tiles along after each feature is painted, so that everyone contributes to the portrait! Everyone does at least one feature for each tile and the end result is amazing and super entertaining.  Plus, the whole family will be in giggles by the end!

Individual pieces are fun to do too – create a set of something like snack bowls, mugs, or even dinner plates! Another fun idea is to paint a “family” of pieces that represent each family member.  Perhaps a family of gnomes is your style, or a family of bunnies for spring – each piece can be as unique as that family member, and it can be displayed for years to come!

Maybe you’d rather your family create a special piece together – like a family cookie jar, or a big family popcorn bowl for movie night.  We’ve got you covered for that too! In fact, we have so many fun options for the family it’s best to find a studio close to you by clicking here.  They can help you get started with an awesome project!

Crock A Doodle has your covered for Family Day, or any day that you want to spend some creative, together time as a family! 

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