Encouraging Creativity in Kids

May 20, 2020

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Kids are naturally, and beautifully, creative. Everyday at Crock A Doodle we see this, and we are always amazed at the creativity that pours out of children. Quite honestly, it’s one of our favourite parts of studio life! More than ever it’s important that we are encouraging creativity in kids, providing them a variety of outlets for their creativie genius.  Art allows them to express their feelings as well as gives space for reflection.

The research supporting art as stress relief is rapidly increasing.  This is true for not only adults, but for kids too! During this strange period of uncertainty and stress, art can be used as a powerful tool for finding calm.  We at Crock A Doodle are proud to be providing families with a creative way to create moments of calm and fun!
Encouraging creativity in kids
This means that at the same time as you are encouraging creativity in kids, you are also helping them manage feelings of stress and uncertainty.  How awesome is that?

We are so thrilled to be able to help parents do this for their children. Whether it’s free style painting, or spending time learning new techniques it’s always important to be encouraging creativity in kids.

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