Celebrate Virtually

May 12, 2021

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With the end of the school year coming, Crock A Doodle is thrilled to be able to provide a variety of fun projects to celebrate with classrooms and groups virtually! Creativity is limitless, and painting your own pottery is a safe, colourful way to celebrate and socialize online. 

Perhaps you’re needing a fun end of year project for your class. Maybe there is a graduation milestone that you need to celebrate. Groups and clubs are coming to their year end too, and might want to say their goodbyes with a colourful celebration. Crock A Doodle can help celebrate virtually with any of these. In fact, Crock A Doodle has a variety of options for all ages and abilities! Painters will create memories, and treasures, to last a lifetime. It’s a colourful way to celebrate virtually. 

Within the last year we have been able to welcome so many different groups virtually.  It’s been thrilling to see many of our clients enjoying the art of pottery painting even when they haven’t been able to be in the studio.  Classrooms, Guides, Scouts, Community Agencies, Church Groups, Sororities, Friends, and many others have been able to celebrate virtually with us over the last 12 months.  The possibilities for groups are endless.  We would love to connect with you and find the perfect project for your class or group.  

 Pottery painting really is something for everyone…..anyone can do it and everyone should! So gather your group virtually with a Crock A Doodle project, and start painting! 

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