Precious Baby Prints

Aug 5, 2021

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Looking for some ideas for getting the cutest hand and foot prints? Crock A Doodle is here to help you! Baby Print looks fabulous on any pottery piece! They make great keepsakes and gifts, and will be a memory that can be treasured for years to come! 



Over the years we have helped capture Baby Prints on thousands of pieces. It’s a special way to treasure the “newness” of your little one for years to come. 

We’ve captured hand prints, foot prints, finger prints, and even bum prints! Yes, even bum prints.  “Bum”kins being the most popular, but we’ve seen bum prints be turned into snowmen, ladybugs, elephants, and more! 

Prints can be turned into all sorts of adorable things – fish, flamingos, pigs, pumpkins, christmas trees, hearts…you name it! With each season there is an abundance of options for how we can turn those sweet feet (or hands) into festive favourites. Check out some of our favourites: 



Hand and Foot prints are also a great option for gift giving.  Every parent, grandparent, or special grown up love to receive such personalized and memorable gifts.  Plus – they can use them everyday since all of the pieces are glazed and kiln fired to a shiny, durable, food-safe finish.  Those prints will never wash off, and will stay tiny forever!! Are they the best Auntie/Uncle/Papa Hands Down? Show them with a special piece, made with love and prints! 


We talk about Baby Prints, but really, hand print designs are great for the whole family.  In fact, it can be a great way to capsulize a family moment. Families can create special hand print pieces that can be used for special occasions, holidays, or to have on display! 


Interested in making a print piece of your own? Visit a studio near you – check out the list of local studios by clicking here.  

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