Crock A Doodle is Canada’s own pottery painting franchise

Pottery Painting Franchise dad and daughter

…a business idea that’s fun and new, that everyone loves to do – again and again. As a proven business concept with powerful branding, quality systems and ongoing support, Crock A Doodle offers franchise owners an opportunity to create their own remarkable business…and have some fun! Founded in 2002 by Canadian marketer, Annette Brennan, Crock A Doodle has carved out a unique niche in the market and a very special place in people’s hearts.  We are committed to delivering a “remarkable” customer experience focused on lasting customer relationships, meaningful connections and value that transcends price. Our marketing strategy keeps customers coming back with an exciting and ever-changing product line, lively studio happenings and active community involvement.

Our Philosophy

Life has become too hectic, too rushed, too impersonal. The busier people get, the more they need to slow things down, to unplug from technology, to reconnect with family, friends and themselves. Pottery painting is simply a venue for rejuvenating the soul. It provides an opportunity for relaxed social interaction, creative exploration and simple hands-on play.  We call it FUN ART, not fine art.  Anyone can do it …and everyone should!

Our Mission

To deliver a remarkable creative experience that connects with people in a special way, so they leave excited to tell others and already planning to come back.

Definition of Remarkable

To offer an experience so unique and special that people willingly remark about us…so that our concept spreads like a happy virus, fueled both by delighted customers and enthusiastic team members.

Our Values

Creative Play, Community, Celebration, Connection, Welcoming Comfort